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Locksmith services London

Established in 2008, we are experienced specialists providing commercial and domestic locksmith services in London to private homeowners and landlords, estate agents and property management companies, housing associations, hospitals, charities, foreign embassies, broadcasting companies, film studios, high street banks, schools, celebrities, retail chains and many other businesses and institutions. Customers across these different sectors trust us to be responsive, efficient and great value – and you can too.

In the time we have been trading, we’ve completed tens of thousands of jobs, from rapid, emergency locksmith response services to CCTV installation and alarm fitting. We are proud to provide free, instant, over the phone quotations for most jobs, and free no-obligation quotations for larger projects. Because we care about your safety and peace of mind, we operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are professional, reliable and affordable. Based in London , we are proud to provide commercial and domestic locksmith services in London and the surrounding areas.

The right help at the right time

One-hour response time – we know that in an emergency time is precious. That’s why we provide one-hour responses when you need us. Once you’ve arranged for us to attend a call, try to relax and know that we will be on our way to assist as quickly as we can.

24-hour service, 7 days a week – you can’t plan for when you’ll need a locksmith, we know that. That’s why we make ourselves available around the clock. Whatever the weather, night and day you can count on us to be there when you need us.

Fully trained and highly experienced – all of our engineers are highly trustworthy, fully trained and with a breadth of experience that they can apply to meet your security needs.

Burglary repair – if your home or business have been targeted by thieves, we will be with you as soon as we can, at least within the hour. We can make your property secure. And when you’re ready, we can support you in putting further security and surveillance measures in place.

Locksmith services in London

Commercial locksmith services

We know that safety and security are important to businesses, and because time is valuable it is important for us to be responsive and efficient. Our services include locksmith services for office doors, restaurant doors and doors for retail outlets. We can install alarm systems and CCTV, to give you peace of mind in the security of your business. We are experienced in electronic locksmith services such as entry systems. We don’t charge for call-outs and provide swift responses to emergencies within one hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Based in London , we can travel quickly to the surrounding areas, including central London, which is crucial in an emergency. Just as important is working with your budgets. We are pleased to be able to give you free no-obligation quotations for your larger projects, which means you will know upfront what it will cost. Like thousands of customers before you, your satisfaction is our priority.

Domestic locksmith services

We know that safety at home for you and your family is paramount to your peace of mind. We are proud to provide locksmith services in London and the surrounding areas, as well as home CCTV and alarms. We provide mobile auto locksmith services and all other locksmith related services. For emergencies, we can help you get into your home and car. We provide car unlocking and gaining entry services. We can also help secure your home with burglary repair services. We provide emergency services such as this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can respond in an emergency within an hour.

We are proud to help you with:
  • – Changing, repairing and installing locks
  • – Installing master locks
  • – Repairing and re-keying master locks
  • – Creating replacement keys
  • – Installing CCTV
  • – Window and cabinet locks
  • – Sliding door locks
  • – Garage door locks
  • – Installing alarms
  • – Mobile auto locksmiths
  • – Unlocking cars
  • – Gaining entry
  • – Emergency lockouts
  • – Burglary response
  • – Gaining entry to your car
  • – Electronic entry systems
  • – Glass door locksmith work
  • – Banham key security
  • – Aluminium and metal door services


We don’t charge for call outs, so there’s no upfront cost in an emergency until we provide services to you. Most of our services are provided on a fixed price basis. We are happy to provide no-obligation free quotations so please do give us a call if you think we might be able to help – we’d be very pleased to do so.

Our engineers

All of our engineers are fully trained and highly experienced. They have been trusted by thousands of families and businesses, as well as by embassies, charities and film studios. Our engineers are the face of our business, so we only hire people we trust. And for your total peace of mind, you should know that all of our engineers are fully insured. Our dedication means that we are happy to provide guarantees for the work of our engineers – in almost all cases this is for at least one year. Feel free to give us a call if you’d like to discuss this further.

Seal of approval

We provide guarantees in lots of situations – most of our work is guaranteed for a period of 12 months. We are happy to do so because we believe in the reliability of our engineers. Our experienced team can help you in whatever situation you find yourself in – from simply replacing locks to securing your property, advanced security systems to CCTV.

The area we serve

We are a professional, reliable locksmith company based in London and provide services in London and the surrounding areas, to businesses and homes of all shapes and sizes. London has a close-knit community and thriving local economy, from cult restaurants and top quality coffee houses, to edgy film locations, east end bars and pubs, as well as traditional and modern homes. In servicing such a vibrant community we’ve learnt that different solutions suit different people. Some customers require electronic systems and high-tech surveillance, while others prefer more traditional security measures. Get in touch with us to find out more.

We cover:

Central London (- EC1, – EC1A, – EC1M, – EC1N, – EC1P, – EC1R, – EC1V, – EC1Y, – EC2A, – EC2M, – EC2N, – EC2P, – EC2R, – EC2V, – EC2Y, – EC2, – EC3, – EC3A, – EC3M, – EC3N, – EC3P, – EC3R, – EC3V, – EC4A, – EC4M, – EC4N, – EC4P, – EC4R, – EC4V, – EC4Y, – EC4 – WC1, – WC1A, – WC1B, – WC1E, – WC1H, – WC1N, – WC1R, – WC1V, – WC1X, – WC2, – WC2A, – WC2B, – WC2E, – WC2H, – WC2N, – WC2R, – W1, – W1A, – W1B, – W1C, – W1D, – W1F, – W1G, – W1H, – W1J, – W1K, – W1S, – W1T, – W1U, – W1W, – SW1, – SW1A, – SW1E, – SW1H, – SW1P, – SW1V, – SW1W, – SW1X, – SW1Y) North London: (- N1, – N2, – N3, – N4, – N5, – N6, – N7, – N8, – N9, – N10, – N11, – N12, – N13, – N14, – N15, – N16, – N17, – N18, – N19, – N20, – N21, – N22) West London: (- W1, – W1A, – W1B, – W1C, – W1D, – W1F, – W1G, – W1H, – W1J, – W1K, – W1S, – W1T, – W1U, – W1W, – W2, – W3, – W4, – W5, – W6, – W7, – W8, – W9, – W10, – W11, – W12, – W13, – W14) Southwest London: (- SW1, – SW1A, – SW1E, – SW1H, – SW1P, – SW1V, – SW1W, – SW1X, – SW1Y, – SW2, – SW3, – SW4, – SW5, – SW6, – SW7, – SW8, – SW9, – SW10, – SW11, – SW12, – SW13, – SW14, – SW15, – SW16, – SW17, – SW18, – SW19, – SW20) Northwest London: (- NW1, – NW2, – NW3, – NW4, – NW5, – NW6, – NW7, – NW8, – NW9, – NW10, – NW11) East London: (- E1, – E2, – E3, – E4, – E5, – E6, – E7, – E8, – E9, – E10, – E11, – E12, – E13, – E14, – E15, – E16, – E17, – E18) Southeast London: (- SE1, – SE2, – SE3, – SE4, – SE5, – SE6, – SE7, – SE8, – SE9, – SE10, – SE11, – SE12, – SE13, – SE14, – SE15, – SE16, – SE17, – SE18, – SE19, – SE20, – SE21, – SE22, – SE23, – SE24, – SE25, – SE26, – SE27, – SE28)