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London Lock Repairs

We are the number one London security professionals, providing lock repairs and other locksmith services to London and the surrounding area. We understand that personal security for your family or business is important, so we strive to solve any security issues you may have, as soon as possible.

There is never a good time to have a security emergency at your home or business, so we offer a professional service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also strive for competitive, affordable prices and cater to landlords, agents and housing associations, as well as personal residences.

Lock repairs and other services

We have a wide range of security services available to domestic and commercial clients, from basic lock repairs to more specialist services. Some of the other services and repairs we offer are as follows:

Locksmith services

CCTV installation


Mobile auto locksmith

Car unlocking

Gaining entry

Emergency lockouts

Entry systems

And many more.

For full details on all other services we offer, please follow the links on this site, or drop us an email for a free consultation.

Who do we work for?

Put simply, we work for you, if you live or operate in London or the surrounding areas we aim to meet your repairs or security needs. We offer both domestic and commercial services designed to work for a full range of clients.

Our customers include private homeowners, landlords, estate agents, property management companies, hospitals, foreign embassies, schools, banks, high street retail chains, private businesses and many other institutions across London area.

Why choose us?

We offer a friendly, affordable 24/7 service to all residences and businesses in London . We offer local lock repairs, in a timely and professional fashion and our expert engineers are fully adept at meeting your security requirements.

All of our engineers are fully assured by our company screening process, they are fully trained and highly experienced in their line of work. We have been successfully trading since 2008, with many of our engineers being with us for many of those years. In that time, we’ve completed tens of thousands of personal and high profile security jobs and repairs.

Our long list of happy clients speaks for itself but we also offer a non-committal, complimentary service beforehand to alleviate any stress of the situation. With services as delicate as home security and lock repairs, we understand you want to know you can trust the service you are getting upfront.

We provide free, instant quotes over the phone, so you can get a quick, hassle-free understanding of the costs involved. We also provide free, no-obligation quotations for all our large-scale projects. Whats more, we can even send an engineer to assess the situation and cover anything you are unsure of, with our completely free of charge call-outs.

Most of our services come complete with our company guarantee, for a minimum period of 12 months. So you can rest safe in the knowledge that all your lock repair needs have been met.

Emergency lock repair

Nobody likes to be in a situation where they are in need of a lock repair, but if disaster is to strike, you need a company that understands your fragility and urgency. If you need an emergency lock repair in London, our team will look to prioritise your call out and get a qualified engineer out to you straight away.

We always aim to arrive at any job in the shortest time possible, which is why we focus our local lock repairs in London . The increased response time for emergency lock repairs means we can have one of our engineers at your premises within half an hour.

We promise to provide you peace of mind on the matter, so you never have to worry about unwanted entries to your home or business.

Of course, an emergency is not always in the form of forced entry and you may not require lock repairs. We also specialise in emergency locksmith services for when you need to gain entry to your home, business or car.

It can happen to the best of us: you’re having a busy day, you rush off out and return home to realise youve forgotten or misplaced your keys. It can be a very disconcerting experience, so we understand your panic and urgency. Our 24/7 helpline will always be there when you need it, so it doesnt matter what time youre returning home. Simply contact us day or night, explain your situation and we will have a London locksmith specialist dispatched to your location immediately to help you gain entry.

Whatever your concern we always aim to manage your lock repairs, quickly, efficiently and with the least disruption possible to your existing lock and the rest of your day.

Our Other Services

We specialise in lock repair and locksmiths but we also offer additional security services to complete the package. Please do enquire about the alarms, CCTV systems and entry systems we can also provide for you.

As an added level of security and for extra peace of mind particularly at your business but also available for private residences. Our alarms and CCTV systems provide additional deterrents for anyone trying to forcefully gain entry to your premises. They will assure the police are notified as soon as possible and provide evidence in the event of the worst, so you know your family or business is protected.

Our entry systems will also make it easier for you to know who is at the door, so you can decide who can gain entry to your home or business. They are available in a variety of styles and specifications, so we are sure we have just what you need to meet your requirements. Follow the relevant links on the page to find out more information about these services or call for a quote.

Friendly, Reliable London Lock Repair

You need a reliable, fast, local company so that you never again have to feel insecure by any personal or professional locksmithing emergencies. If you are a homeowner, agent or business owner based in the London area, please do get in touch today for a free, instant, no obligation quote.

We cover:

Central London (- EC1, – EC1A, – EC1M, – EC1N, – EC1P, – EC1R, – EC1V, – EC1Y, – EC2A, – EC2M, – EC2N, – EC2P, – EC2R, – EC2V, – EC2Y, – EC2, – EC3, – EC3A, – EC3M, – EC3N, – EC3P, – EC3R, – EC3V, – EC4A, – EC4M, – EC4N, – EC4P, – EC4R, – EC4V, – EC4Y, – EC4 – WC1, – WC1A, – WC1B, – WC1E, – WC1H, – WC1N, – WC1R, – WC1V, – WC1X, – WC2, – WC2A, – WC2B, – WC2E, – WC2H, – WC2N, – WC2R, – W1, – W1A, – W1B, – W1C, – W1D, – W1F, – W1G, – W1H, – W1J, – W1K, – W1S, – W1T, – W1U, – W1W, – SW1, – SW1A, – SW1E, – SW1H, – SW1P, – SW1V, – SW1W, – SW1X, – SW1Y) North London: (- N1, – N2, – N3, – N4, – N5, – N6, – N7, – N8, – N9, – N10, – N11, – N12, – N13, – N14, – N15, – N16, – N17, – N18, – N19, – N20, – N21, – N22) West London: (- W1, – W1A, – W1B, – W1C, – W1D, – W1F, – W1G, – W1H, – W1J, – W1K, – W1S, – W1T, – W1U, – W1W, – W2, – W3, – W4, – W5, – W6, – W7, – W8, – W9, – W10, – W11, – W12, – W13, – W14) Southwest London: (- SW1, – SW1A, – SW1E, – SW1H, – SW1P, – SW1V, – SW1W, – SW1X, – SW1Y, – SW2, – SW3, – SW4, – SW5, – SW6, – SW7, – SW8, – SW9, – SW10, – SW11, – SW12, – SW13, – SW14, – SW15, – SW16, – SW17, – SW18, – SW19, – SW20) Northwest London: (- NW1, – NW2, – NW3, – NW4, – NW5, – NW6, – NW7, – NW8, – NW9, – NW10, – NW11) East London: (- E1, – E2, – E3, – E4, – E5, – E6, – E7, – E8, – E9, – E10, – E11, – E12, – E13, – E14, – E15, – E16, – E17, – E18) Southeast London: (- SE1, – SE2, – SE3, – SE4, – SE5, – SE6, – SE7, – SE8, – SE9, – SE10, – SE11, – SE12, – SE13, – SE14, – SE15, – SE16, – SE17, – SE18, – SE19, – SE20, – SE21, – SE22, – SE23, – SE24, – SE25, – SE26, – SE27, – SE28)